Badfish TV: Motionless- The Film

By Jared Zissu | Thursday, May 19

Fighting the Great Pacific Garbage Cluster Through Fishing!


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A few months ago we announced a trailer for a film called “Motionless”, a beautiful and important project brought to you by the creative minds at Cold Collaborative. This production company caught my eye a long time ago, when I started following a man named @FordyYates on Instagram. Ford was blessed with the ability to capture a moment with such simplicity and emotion it became contagious, when he joined the Cold Collaborative team I knew big things were soon to come. Shannon Vandivier, or the other half of the Cold Collaborative team also happens to be just as talented, and is definitely worth a follow as well. @shannonvandivier

Ok lets talk about the film. Motionless, as we mentioned in our first post, is a fishing movie which concentrates on raising awareness on the pollution problem faced in the Pacific. Three garbage patches the size of the Texas are currently accumulating in the middle of the ocean, not only is the garbage concerning, but the toxic trail it leaves as it makes its way through our food chain and eventually onto our dining room table is even more concerning. As anglers our passion for the sport is just as important as protecting our fisheries for future generations. Raising awareness about this problem will be step number 1 towards protecting our fisheries. 

The good news. . . In this generation even the little guys can help make a difference. The ability to portray a story and get the “right” people on board is easier than ever. Well its not going to be easy, but if the story is told the right way and can gain enough traction we will be making progress. Head over to the Kickstarter Campaign for Motionless if you are interested in helping support this project. 


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