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Inspired by camaraderie between brothers and close friends while fishing and camping in the wilderness of New York and Pennsylvania, Brookdog Fishing Company’s goal is to provide our clients with the best fishing experience possible while developing lasting friendships along the way. Let us help you explore and better define the, “best fishing experience possible,” while exchanging ideas, trading stories, and making plans for trips to come.
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Phone number: 716-704-5144

Trips & Rates

Walk and Wade
8 hours | 3 People

When most people think of walk and wade trips and fly fishing, images of “A River Runs Through It” come to mind. Stalking trout around meandering streams or swinging for steelhead are some other things people think about – we definitely guide these types of fishing trips. We hunt musky, smallmouth, pike, largemouth, and carp while walk and wading (yes, we said musky while walk and wading). We enjoy walk and wade fishing trips because they allow us to feel a little more connected to the surroundings really dial in a particular stretch of water The Sprint (Half Day Fishing Trip) $275 ($100 per additional angler) This is a sprint, don’t get it mistaken. Limited time means combat fishing. A quick infiltration at the right time of day, working hard, quickly covering ground, and breaking contact. You get a taste of a species at its prime or the peak of the day and revel in it on your drive home. These trips are for those anglers who want a little something special to fill up part of the day. Call us and we’ll tailor one for you. The Marathon (Full Day Fishing Trip) $350 ($100 per additional angler) Calling this a marathon may be a little dramatic but we will definitely cover ground. Time is important in fishing. Sometimes it takes a bit for people to relax when they get on the water – to calm the nerves and register that you actually found the time to fish. Other times people need that extra bit of instruction to get them dialed in. Still others need the full day to fish at a comfortable pace and take it all in. Whatever suits you best – the longer we can be on the water, the better.
Great Lakes/Niagara River Charter
8 hours | 2 People

As a rule – the bigger the water the bigger the fish…and the bigger the boat required to go after them. Where we fish Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Niagara River is known for producing monsters and we have years of experience hunting them. We have boats specifically designed for the task with the best electronics and comfort items to make time spent on the water something to remember. Being on “the River” or the Lakes is exciting – getting up on plane and blazing a trail through the water at high speeds will get your heart pumping and allow you to see the WNY area from a different angle. It also allows us to adapt to changing conditions on the water quickly by moving to new locations thereby maximizing productivity on the water. THE SPRINT $400 (6 hours – from pre-dawn to noon or from late afternoon to nightfall) Mornings and Evenings are the usually the best times of day to catch fish. We designed these trips to capitalize on these golden hours by being on the water during the high probability times, into position on those high probability drifts, and casting like crazy to maximize the time on the water. These trips are perfect for those anglers with limited time, a husband and wife looking for a little something different as an evening outing, or an exciting opportunity for someone in town on business looking for a way to occupy an early morning or evening. THE MARATHON (FULL DAY FISHING TRIP) $500 ($100 per additional angler) Similar logic as our walk and wade trips – Time is important in fishing. People want/need the full day on the water for a number of reasons. What makes the full day on the River or Lakes different our walk and wade trips is the effort the angler has to put forth – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. When we get there, stand up and cast. A full day gives us plenty of time to explore, work numerous drifts, and chalk up multiple species. You’ll get a good dose of what the region has to offer.
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