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Picaboangler.net Picabo: Pee-Ka-Boo, A Native American word meaning “shining waters”, is home to one of Idaho’s first communities, which happens to sit near the banks of Silver Creek. This world famous river is a true spring creek and also holds the most fish per mile of any river in Idaho. When the ski resort of Sun Valley was getting off the ground and the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper were at the peak of their careers, they and many other visitors to Sun Valley found great pleasure in hunting and fishing on Silver Creek. They made fast friends with locals like Taylor Bear Tracks Williams and Bud Purdy and immersed themselves in the local life of fly fishing and wing shooting. Today we continue the sporting traditions of Picabo with the help of Bud Purdy himself and three generations of the Purdy family. Here you will find Picabo Angler fully staffed and ready to help you have an incredible Silver Creek experience, whether you’ve come to fish the Creek, or hunt the same fields that the legends walked with gun and dog. Picabo Angler looks forward to showing you the magic that is found in Silver Creek, as well as the surrounding rivers, valleys and hills.
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