Colby D Crossland

Dutch John, Utah


Fishing dry flies on the Green River in Utah and Wyoming.
Adventure Travel Beginner Friendly Float Fly-Fishing Trout


Phone number: 801 792 9849

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Colby D Crossland
10 hours | 2 People

If fishing for large trout with dry flies is something you want to do then the Green River is your place. Because of the large number of the terrestrial insects it makes the Green River a wonderful place for people to learn how to fish a dry fly. We have beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, mormon crickets and many different ants, it is a trout buffet all summer. There are also many different baetis, and midge hatches. It is truly a prolific river for fishing the dry. I float the Green River in North East Utah over 100 days a year, this is the river I know and love. Sharing this special place with others is what keeps me coming back. Please contact me if you are interested in a float on a world class river.
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