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Vincent Renda is a professional fly fishing guide in Woodland Park Colorado. He works for the South Platte Fly Shop who hold permits to guide multiple sections of the South Platte River including the world renowned fishery nicknamed "The Dream Stream". He has been fly fishing since age 11 with over 20 years of experience in the sport.
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Phone number: 908-310-4740

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Vincent A. Renda
8 hours | 1 Person

Vincent Renda is a professional fly fishing guide based out of the South Platte Fly Shop in Woodland Park Colorado. He makes year round guided trips on the South Platte River, which is located less than two hours west of Denver. The shop holds permits to fish multiple sections of Gold Medal Waters including the world renowned "Dream Stream". He has over 20 years of experience in the sport. His enthusiasm, patience and love for the sport is unrivaled. Trip includes 8 hours of fishing, boots, waiters, rods, reels, flies, leaders and a catered lunch. Professional photos taken with a DSLR camera are included. For more images of guided trips visit his instgram page @vincent_renda_flyfishing


Linda 1236 days ago

My first fly fishing experience was with Vincent as our guide. He is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher. From the moment we met him it was apparent that he loves fly fishing and what he does as a guide. He taught us some basic skills and then we were off to find some fish! Our day was so much fun and I can't wait to get back to Colorado again this year. Great guy, memorable day....Thanks Vincent!!

Justin 1249 days ago

Hiring Vincent as a fishing guide was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is very patient and a great teacher. He'll show you the basics of fly fishing and in a short amount of time you'll be ready to fish. If you're the young and adventurous type of person, you'll definitely want to go with Vincent. He'll take you up and down a stream to spot the bigger trout hanging around. For me, there was no bigger thrill than spotting a couple of huge trout before they spot you and creeping up on them to try and catch them. Vincent will be right next to you coaching you along so you can hit the big one with your own set of newly learned skills if you're a beginner. Even if you don't have the same spring in your step like you used to and can't run around, Vincent still knows great spots to sit and wait for the big ones to come to you. My parents and I hired Vincent last year and we had a great time together that day while catching some pretty memorable trout. From my experience, I would Highly recommend Vincent as a fishing guide!

Deb 1249 days ago

My best friend and I hired Vinnie this summer. He took us to the South Platte River. My friend and I had Fly Fishing on our bucket list and had always wanted to learn. It was a little intimidating for us, but within the first ten minutes, Vinnie had us casting with ease. He taught us how to tie our line, how to spot areas for fish, how to cast the line in different ways depending on the flow of the river. He was so patient, encouraging and a hoot to hang with for the day. Best day we have had in a long time. I now understand why so many people love to fly have to focus on what you're doing so, you have to stop thinking about your stresses in life. Thanks Vinnie, hope to have you up to the Poudre River soon with us! Deb Spence

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