James Hamilton

James is an avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur with a passion for learning. He spent his college years in Charleston, SC and then moved out west to pursue his passions in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. James returned to the Northeast in 2014 to found GuideHire with his partner, Macgill Davis.
Macgill headshot

Macgill Davis

Macgill is a full stack web developer who loves to get outside. With experience at a number of startups in Boston and San Francisco, he brings a wealth of technical experience and ability to the GuideHire team.
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Alex Shukis

Alex is an outdoorsman and business dude with a sense of adventure. He returned home to Boston and Nantucket after graduating from Gettysburg College in 2014. Alex loves helping guides & outfitters get set up on the platform - happy guides, happy clients. Prior to GuideHire, Alex worked at Townpool Nantucket and Bartlett's Farm.

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